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Rolling shutters


Insulation and safety

Rolling shutters insulate homes against weather conditions and even noise.
When closed, shutters provide complete darkness. When equipped with rigid links,
they resist manual lifting thus increasing your safety.

Insulation and safety Good to know
Good to know

The best way to increase energy efficiency in the summer

is to stop the sun before it even enters your windows.

Rolling shutters to suit your project

Do you have manual shutters?

Turn your existing rolling shutters

into a motorized shutter!






Are you renovating?

Renovation shutters are:

  • Installed against the exterior frame
  • Integrated into the front of the building
  • Available in many colors to match your home
Why motorize?

Motorizing your rolling shutter

Imagine life in motion!

Do you manually operate your shutters?
All shutters can be motorized without changing them!

Why should you motorize your rolling shutters?

No more tedious manual operation!

With an RTS motor, you enjoy the convenience of remote control.  Simply press a button to operate all your shutters from the same point eliminating the need to walk around the whole house to control them individually.

The benefits of a Somfy motorized rolling shutter:

Automatic limit settings
Lifts and closes perfectly every time.

Obstacle detection
Stops the motor automatically if obstacles are detected thus protecting your belongings.

Frost protection
Stops the motor automatically if frost or ice freezes the shutter in place or if the bottom slat is locked.

Tamper Resistant
Resists manual lifting to increase your safety thanks to rigid links.



Somfy tips

Protect from cold and heat:
Protect from cold and heat:
  • In winter, program your shutters to close at dusk and save up to 10% on your heating costs.
  • In summer, a sun sensor can lower your home's temperature up to 9° in pace with the sun.
Simulate your presence:
Simulate your presence:

Open and close your shutters automatically as if you were home.

Why Somfy?

Quality, innovation, service, support…

Much more than motorization for rolling shutters!

Choose my solution

Somfy recommends professional installation because...

Motorized rolling shutters are custom solutions that must be installed by a professional.
A Somfy-certified expert will assist you with your selection and take care of the entire installation.

Peace of mind and quality are guaranteed!

Recommended products


oximo rts motor lt50 motor

Oximo™ RTS


Oximo™ is compatible with all types of rolling shutters and can be controlled with any RTS remote making it the smart choice.

Suitable for pre- and post-construction opportunities and can be controlled with any RTS remote.


Go further with Somfy...

Stay connected

The Somfy myLink™ is a simple device that turns your smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated remote control for motorized products featuring Radio Technology Somfy®.

Control at your fingertips

Convenient, simple operation in a hand-held remote.   Each channel can operate one individual motorized rolling shutter, or a group of shutters.

Always there for you

A battery-powered solution providing a stationary location to operate your shutters without the need for an electrician.   Custom engraved buttons allow you to easily personalize channel names.

Centralize your control

A centralized solution to operate all the rolling shutters in your home without having to walk room-to-room. Create 16 different options for individual or group control of all your RTS motorized products.

Schedule the motion

This single channel RTS remote includes the convenience of a programmable timer. An on-screen display provides easy operation for both automatic and manual modes.

Manage the sunlight

Automate the operation of your shutters based on the amount of sunlight filling a room. This battery powered accessory allows you to effortlessly manage heat gain or loss to maximize efficiency.

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