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  • What is “Home Motion”?

    Somfy Home Motion coordinates motors, controls and automatic systems to power the openings in a home. The motors operate the rolling shutters, awnings, blinds, shades or projection screens for which they were designed. The controls, linked to the motors by radio, control the motors to operate these end products. The automatic devices are used to program movements according to the time of day or to react to weather conditions to create a seamless smart home automation environment.

  • What is the difference between Home Motion and Home Automation?

    With Somfy Home Motion, home automation enters a new era of reliability and ease of use, from simple window covering motorization to remote control of all the interior and exterior window coverings in the home. With the introduction of Somfy Radio Technology home automation installation can be upgraded at any time without costly building operations or a complete make-over. Home automation has become simpler and more versatile. With Somfy, you're sure that your "home automation investment" will bring significant long-term added value to your property, whether it’s just a single retractable awning or a whole house. Full of interior window coverings linked to lighting, AV and security systems.

  • Does Somfy manufacture rolling shutters, retractable awnings, shades and blinds?

    Somfy designs and manufactures only motors, controls and automated systems to power window coverings and the openings in the home. These tubular motors and home automation devices are then supplied to industrial firms that assemble them with the relevant equipment (rolling shutters, shades, blinds, retractable awnings, etc.).

  • Who do I contact if my motorized Interior/Exterior window covering or projection screen stops working?

    You should first contact the retail dealer or company that installed your system. If you can’t reach the company that you purchased the product from, then contact Somfy Systems' customer service department at 1-800-22-SOMFY. They can put you in touch with a local customer that can either supply product or service to you.

  • What home products can Somfy motorize?

    Retractable awnings, shades, blinds, draperies, rolling shutters, projection screens, garage door screens, TV lifts, other roll-up products.

  • Can all types of rolling shutters be motorized?

    Yes, motorization and automation of new or existing rolling shutters is possible in the majority of cases.

  • Will I have to replace my windows before I can put in motorized rolling shutters?

    Not at all. Somfy home automation solutions can be installed just as easily in new buildings as existing ones.

  • What is the difference between a wired control system and a radio system?

    In a wired system, the control is connected to the electric motor by wires which transmit your commands to the motor. This is the conventional home automation solution. In this case, the control unit is fixed near the motor (beside the window, for instance, for a motorized rolling shutter). In the radio system, the commands are transmitted by radio waves. There is no electric wiring between the motor and the control. The control is mobile, and you can control your rolling shutter within a radius of up to 65 feet, even through a wall. Installation is quicker too, and saves your walls from being damaged. This is the neat, simple home automation solution. Note: with Somfy, a wired system can always be upgraded to a radio installation.

  • What's the benefit of motorizing exterior solar screens?

    Motorized exterior solar screens provide convenient solutions to everyday living. With Somfy products, you can experience a better quality of life and have more time to enjoy life's daily pleasures. Tasks such as controlling glare or protecting furnishings from the sun are now simplified. Screens can easily be adjusted by using a Somfy remote control, timer or sun sensor.

  • I want to alter the favorite position of my exterior solar screen: how do I do it?

    Simply stop your screen blind in the desired position with the “My” button. Then press and hold this button until a little downward movement indicates that your new favorite position has been memorized.

  • Why motorize your retractable awning?

    A motorized awning will help you gain additional living space to share with family or friends. With a single click on your remote control, you choose between sunshine and shade without moving from your deck and without any effort - say goodbye to the crank handle. Sun and wind sensors lower the awning if the sun comes out and retract it in the event of wind, that is smart home automation. When your awning retracts, the fabric will be protected from the elements and because of the smooth operation that is synonymous with motorization it will last longer. At nightfall, you can use your remote control to light up your patio deck and even to switch on a heater incorporated in the awning system.

  • Can I motorize all types of retractable awnings?

    Somfy motors and controls can be incorporated in most outdoor awnings, from retractable awnings to the most sophisticated cassette models. There is even a solution to lower the valance of the awning.

  • Can I motorize an existing awning?

    Yes, it can be done in most cases. Please contact your local Somfy Expert for more information.

  • What's the benefit of motorizing interior window coverings?

    Motorized window coverings provide convenient solutions for day-to-day living. With Somfy products, you can experience a better quality of life and have more time to enjoy life’s daily pleasures. Tasks such as adjusting hard-to-reach window coverings, controlling glare or protecting valuable furnishings from the sun are now simplified. At the touch of a button, window coverings can be instantly adjusted to changing activities or the varying sun conditions.

  • Can I motorize an existing indoor blind?

    Motorized interior window treatments are typically custom-made to order. We recommend that you consult with your local Somfy Expert.

  • What does RTS mean?

    It’s the abbreviation for Radio Technology Somfy®. This is a wireless home automation control system by which radio waves are transmitted from a remote control, or wall switch to operate motorized window coverings.

  • Is an RTS installation more expensive than a traditional wired installation?

    No. Wiring costs are eliminated and more importantly you're the interior architect and your design styles are completely unaffected. That's the great advantage of an RTS home automation solution.

  • Would I have to motorize all my window coverings at the same time with RTS?

    No. You can motorize your awning now and your blinds, later. Everything can be motorized very easily, and as your needs change: you can upgrade your installation, or add an application or a new function. RTS is a very adaptable home automation solution.

  • I have a wired installation. Can I upgrade it?

    Yes. All you need to do is add an RTS receiver which will centralize your commands and transmit them to the motors via the existing wiring. And if you subsequently add another RTS product, it won't need to be wired to the control point to create a smart home automation system.

  • Can I operate all my motorized window coverings with a single remote control?

    Certainly, RTS technology is compatible with all Somfy applications and allows for individual or group operation of window coverings. So with a single remote control, you can operate all the motorized window coverings on your property, from your rolling shutters to your interior shades and motorized blinds.

  • What makes Somfy home automation products different?

    Somfy approaches home automation from the standpoint of motorizing the window coverings around the home. With the perfection of Somfy Radio Technology home automation controls no longer need any electric wiring. This means a home automation installation can be upgraded at any time without costly architecture changes or a complete make-over. Home automation has become simpler and more versatile. With Somfy, you're sure that your "home automation investment" will bring significant long-term added value to your property, whether it's just a retractable awning or a whole house full of interior shades from a lighting system and more.

  • Why should I use a Somfy Expert?

    To ensure quality of service, Somfy Experts have received training in the installation of Somfy motors and controls and will assist you throughout your project to ensure that you are completely satisfied. Their employees have also attended Somfy training courses. The Somfy Expert network gives Somfy the ability to recommend these independent retail dealers to you for the sale and installation of motorized window coverings.

  • What type of warranty do Somfy products have?

    Somfy offers end product suppliers a 5 year warranty on all motors and controls. Specifically, Somfy warrants its motors and controls to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal and proper use for a period of 5 years commencing with the date stamped on each product. If the Somfy product fails within this 5 year period, we will repair or replace it free of charge through your end product supplier.

  • Why does the Somfy warranty apply from the date of manufacture?

    Somfy is a manufacturer and does not install any of its products. Consequently, the date of manufacture is the benchmark. Our registered installers are independent enterprises which set their own sales and warranty conditions.

  • How can I tell what motor I have?

    Motor Range Chart Download the PDF for more information.